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We are a fundamental, Bible believing church which holds to the truth that ALL must be saved through God's Son, Jesus Christ.  We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and consider it God's Holy Word to mankind.


We believe that all believers can and will live a holy life through the power of the indwelling Spirit.  According to God's Word, this is accomplished through a cleansed heart and a careful lifestlye.  


We are a loving church that is warm and friendly to all who attend.  Our church community is one of a family atmosphere and we endeavor to lift one another in our Christian walk.  Our services would be traditional in nature.


We are passionate about reaching out to our community and to the world through local and international involvement.  We operate a thriving children's ministry on Wednesday evenings, which we call "Kid's Club".  We also support spreading the gospel to the world through our Bible Methodist World Missions Program. 


The passion of our Church is loving God with all of our hearts and loving others as ourselves.  Our goal is to be a place where everyone can find God's grace and grow in their relationship to Him. 

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